Assemble the illumination

In this section we are assembling the transmission illuminator. This mounts the LED and condenser lens above the sample, so the transmitted light can be imaged by the microscope objective.

For this section you will need:


Printed Parts

Printed Tools


Optical Components

Electronic Components

Mechanical Components

If the illumination PCB is not available, you can use a 5mm LED instead, by following the LED workaround.

Step 1: Mount the dovetail

Step 2: Push-fit the lens

Step 3: Add the condenser retaining screw

Step 4: Cut out the diffuser

Step 5: Mount the diffuser and LED board

Step 6: Assemble the illumination wiring harness

Step 7: Attach the illumination cable

Step 8: Attach the illumination cover

Step 9: Insert the illumination wiring

Step 10: Mount the condenser arm

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