Print the plastic parts

If you have bought the plastic parts you can skip this step!

For this section you will need:



Step 1: Printing

The microscope body has a custom brim included in the STL. This may require custom print settings.

Now you have tested your printer and filament you can print the following parts:

You can download all of the STLs as a single zipfile

Step 2: Clean-up of printed parts

Be careful when removing brim

To avoid injury first remove the bulk of the brim without a knife. Remove the remaining brim with a peeling action as described below.

Carefully remove the printing brim from all parts (except the main body).

To remove brim:

  1. Use precision wire cutters to remove most of the brim from the part.
  2. Clean up remaining brim with a utility knife:
    • Hold the knife in your dominant hand with 4 fingers curled around the handle, leaving thumb free.
    • Hold the part in your other hand, as far away from the surface to be cut as possible.
    • Support the part with the thumb of your dominant hand.
    • Place blade on surface to be cut, and carefully close your dominant hand moving the blade, under control, towards your thumb.

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