Test your printer

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Difficulty: Easy
Time required: 40 minutes
Skills required:
  • 3D printing

If you have bought the plastic parts you can skip this step!

For this section you will need:



Step 1: Set your printer settings

All microscope parts can be printed out of PLA filament on most RepRap-style printers.

We recommend the following printer settings:

Setting Value
Material PLA
Layer height 0.2mm or less
Supports None
Infill Printer default
Brim Recommended for all parts except main body.
Slice gap closing radius 0.001mm

Do not print with supports.

The microscope has been designed to print without supports. Supports will damage the mechanism.

The microscope body has a custom brim included in the STL, and the condenser lens and optics module also contain small gaps. This may require you to set the slice gap closing radius.

As a general rule, strength is more important than surface finish, so very thin layers (less than 0.15mm or so) are unlikely to result in a microscope that performs any better, though it may approve the appearance.

Step 2: Testing your printer

Now we will test whether your printer can print the bridges in the microscope. Download and print the leg test file this will only use about 5 grams of PLA:

The result should look like this (this has been printed with a brim):

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