Upright microscope

This configuration of the microscope has the objective above the sample rather than below. It is newer and less well tested than other versions of the microscope.

If you use this microscope for research please consider citing our paper in Optics Express.

If you have problems building this, please let us know on GitLab or on our forum.

Before you start building the microscope you will need to source all the components listed in the bill of materials (HTML, CSV).

The assembly is broken up into several steps:

  1. Test your printer
  2. Print the plastic parts
  3. Solder the LED
  4. Prepare the main body
  5. Prepare the separate z-actuator
  6. Prepare the microscope stand
  7. Assemble the actuators
  8. Assemble the basic optics module
  9. Assemble the illumination
  10. Mount the optics and the microscope
  11. Assemble the motors
  12. Attach the sample clips
  13. Complete the wiring

These instructions assume you will build the upright microscope with a basic optics module. You can also use the high resolution optics module (with an RMS objective) on the upright microscope, or other options from the customisations page.

If using the high resolution optics module, a 400mm Raspberry Pi ribbon cable is preferable due to the additional height.

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