Assemble the basic optics module

These are the instructions for the basic optics module, however high resolution optics will also work. When using high resolution optics, a 400mm Raspberry Pi ribbon cable or longer is preferable as the additional height of the Raspberry Pi Camera makes adjustments easier.

The imaging optics for this version of the microscope consist of the Raspberry Pi Camera and the lens from the camera. To create a microscope the wide angle lens is reversed and separated from the camera. This makes quite a good microscope objective with a field of view about 400μm across and a resolution of around 2μm.

For this section you will need:


Printed Parts

Electronic Components

Mechanical Components

Step 1: Visually inspect the lens spacer

Take the lens spacer and confirm that:

Step 2: Remove Pi Camera Lens

WARNING! The camera board is static sensitive.

Push-fit the lens

Step 3: Attach the Pi Camera

Step 4: Attach the mounting screw

Step 5: Connect ribbon cable

Step 6: Set the complete module aside

Set the compete optics module aside in a safe place.

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