Assemble the actuators

There is one "actuator column" for each of the three axes of the OpenFlexure Microscope stage. The x and y actuators allow you to move the sample in x and y. You can focus the microscope by moving in z via the separate rectangular z-axis which is inverted and placed on top of the z-actuator mount on top of the z-axis of the main body.

For this section you will need:

Printed Parts

Printed Tools



Mechanical Components

Parts required for actuator assembly

Step 1: Insert the nut

Inset the nut the actuator column

Step 2: Attach the gear

Step 3: Oil the lead screw

oil lead screw

Step 4: Prepare the actuator

Step 5: Attaching the viton bands and foot

This is the trickiest part of the microscope build. In this step we will clip bands onto hooks inside each actuator.

Actuator cutaway

attach actuator foot

If you had problems with this step see [troubleshooting actuator assembly].

Step 6: Seat the foot

Step 7: Repeat this process for y and z

Follow the same procedure for the y and z axis in the main body and the Rectangular z-axis. Once complete the actuators should look like the following image of the complete rectangular z-axis:

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