The delta stage is a 3D printed x-y-z translation stage. As the optics do not move it is particularly suited to more complex imaging (phase, reflection, fluorescence microscopy).



Printed tools

3D printed parts

Main steps

  1. Printing the components
  2. Assembling the actuators

Optional Components

  1. Attaching the sample clips
  2. Attaching the motors
  3. Reflection illumination
  4. Transmission illumination
  5. Connecting the electronics


  1. You can control your microscope using the OpenFlexure software.
  2. You will need to adjust the configuration file, so that the software knows which stage you are using. More information coming soon..


There are three optional bases to choose from:

  1. Simple base: Short; matches the footprint of the OpenFlexure Delta stage. Best suited if you have small motor controllers, or just want more stability.
  2. Raspberry Pi base: Taller; Custom designed base to fit the Raspberry Pi and leaves room for a optics module. Best suited if you want to just use a Raspberry Pi for the camera and are controlling the stage by hand or with small motor controllers.
  3. Raspberry Pi and Sangaboard base: Tallest; Custom designed base to fit the Raspberry Pi and Sangaboard. Best suited if you want the fully automated OpenFlexure Delta Stage Microscope.

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